Life as a Nursery Nurse.

When I tell people I work with children there is a mixture of responses, however here are two main comments I always receive “so basically all you do is sit there and colour” and “why?”.  Well I’m going to explain how I do not just “sit and colour” and why I love my job as much as I do.

I currently work in a preschool with 75 children aged 2 and half to 4 years old and it is tough! It is emotionally and physically draining but at the same time so rewarding.


I can not sing and have spent the majority of my life getting my way out of it, well now I’m pretty much jukebox. The children give me a song and I sing it. Do I like it now? no. But it makes them happy. I often try to fall asleep with “wind the bobbing up” stuck on repeat.


What on earth do these parents feed their children? I often have to put vicks on my nose just to block some of the smell out. Teaching children to use the toilet is hard, I go from over reacting and getting excited when they do a wee on the toilet to wonder where I went wrong, when a child waddles up to you because they’ve pooped their pants. Then having them tell you they where too busy to go to the toilet because he was playing with a toy. I find the stickers really help with this process.

I currently have a SEN ( Special Educational Needs) child and she is my biggest yet hardest achievement. She started with me, with no English, didn’t speak  but would scream lots and would run around chucking things. 5 months on and I couldn’t be more proud! She now says 2-3 word clear sentences, communicates what she wants , will sit nicely and play alongside others and now tries new food. Our next step is school, Its going to be tough losing her.

I spend my day, wiping bums and noses, cleaning up sick, writing observations, next stepping them, setting up activities, cuddling them when they’re sad, laughing when they are happy, listening to them when a simple ‘can I play outside’ could take a while to come out, finding time to take myself to the toilet, repeat myself a million times, playing guess the stain on the top and being a nurse then they fall over. All of this in a days work explains how I do not “just sit there and colour” some days I don’t even remember to get a drink because I’m so busy, then wonder why I have a headache.

Now to the “why?”. Why do I do all this? because I love it and  I wouldn’t change any of it for the wold, ok maybe I’d change the pay as it isn’t great but I don’t do it for the money. I love my job and each and every child I have ever had the pleasure of working with will forever hold a place in my heart!

To anyone considering going into childcare, its tough and isn’t an easy option like many think but it is so rewarding. Continue with your course, you can do it!


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Helping a friend?

The big C word… the dreaded six letter word, that you never ever want to hear come out of someones mouth… Cancer!

Iv lost many people to cancer when I was younger but just before Christmas last year my best friend told me she had it. I felt like my world had caved in, I felt this massive lump in my throat, my heart hurt like someone had pulled on it and it felt as if time just stopped. I didn’t know what to do or what to say; I mean, what do you say ? Sorry? Are you ok? There’s a thousand questions I wanted to ask, but I just couldn’t speak.  I stood there in shock on the phone, with her asking me if I was still there and I some how managed to splutter out one word, “w,w,what?”.

How do you help a friend who’s been given this news? She didn’t want anyone to know so I couldn’t ask, so I turned to the internet. It gave me the simple things of being there, making them smile, taking flowers and taking their mind off everything. It made me think of how I’d feel if the tables were turned. I decided that no matter how hard it gets, I’ll be there, I’ll save my emotions and how I feel for when I’m home, after all this is about her not me! I tell her I’m here for her, I know when shes hurting, when shes upset and I can’t force her to tell me whats going on. But what I can do, is hug her and tell her that I’m there, and that she can call me when ever she feels like talking. So far it seems to have helped and I can see the sense of relief on her face after.

So for anyone out there who is in my shoes or have been there, please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how to help her deal with this.

This same amazing woman said to me;

“Surround yourself with positive people and the positivity will rub off on you”