My favourite children’s books.

I love reading books with the children at my nursery, watching their faces light up as I turn the page or as I do a different voice for the characters. Here is a list of my top 5 favourite books.



We’re going on a bear hunt!

I could read this book out without having it in front of me, my key children love reading this but we’re never sat down. We’re up, rolling our trouser legs up, spinning around and pretending to swim. This isn’t the quietest of stories, but its so fun to act out.


The Gruffalo.

Julia Donaldson is my favourite author, I love all her books. This is a great one to read with preschoolers, as they can identify the photos and really get involved in telling the story.



Aliens love underpants.

This one will have your little ones laughing, talking about the aliens and even talking about which pants are their favourite.



Room on the broom.

Another Julia Donaldson book; it has the children in suspense as they tell you if they think the witch will be ok. It’s a good book to talk about friendship and how working together can help others. (Like tidying up!)



The very hungry caterpillar.

This covers so much and really gets the children thinking. Counting how much the caterpillar has eaten, do they eat those foods and then what is about to happen to the caterpillar? Their faces light up when they see the final page.

Well the concludes my favourite books to read to children at work, not only is it great so see them smile and sometimes the confusion on their face, its also fun to read books you enjoy yourself.